What in the Wyrd

What in the Wyrd

Hosted by: Kelley Harrell

Kelley Harrell explores animism and soul tending seasonally through the Elder Futhark runes. For more information, visit soulintentarts.com Find The Weekly Rune at patreon.com/kelleyharrell Find her book,...


Episode 77 - Hagalaz and the Hotel

Season #2 Episode #77

Kelley talks about Hagalaz, betwixt, and how a hotel stay was a fraycation until needed deathwalking was done.
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Episode 64 - Othala Q&A

Season #2 Episode #64

Kelley discusses the transition into Othala, solstices, deathwalking, and Ancestor tending
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Episode 62 - Laguz and Soul Loss

Season #2 Episode #62

Kelley discusses Laguz, feeling out of flow, personal cosmology, and soul loss.
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Episode 27: Fehu

Season #2 Episode #27

Kelley discusses the runic new year, Fehu, and the first aett.
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