Episode 106 - Introducing the Runes as Verbs

Season #6

Whole new season. Whole new series. 

Author and animist, Kelley Harrell, introduces working with the runes in season... as verbs. As animists, it’s not all about the nouns, but also the relationship between them. How we engage nouns, how we continue to find relationship with them and see where we’re personally connected to them--all of which really means, it’s about the verbs.

As we work through The Weekly Rune for this seasonal exploration of Nigel Pennick’s runic calendar, join me on What in the Wyrd to explore the half-month runes as verbs.  In each episode, we’ll talk about how I arrive at the verb or verbs that I do for the half-month, and how we can find relationship with the rune to take action with it in our lives.

Learn more in her book, Runic Book of Days, study the runes, animism, and soul tending with Kelley, and get info about longterm mentoring and training at Soul Intent Arts. Support the podcast by joining her community on Patreon.


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