Episode 105 - Half-Month Rune Jera - The Body Keeps the Door

Season #5 Episode #105

Author and animist, Kelley Harrell, discusses half-month Jera and its role following the trauma of the first three Second aett runes. This episode is the full weekly runecast for 12 December 2021, which are Jera, Ehwaz, then Uruz reversed through the voice of Survivor, along with sodalite. This episode offers a primer on how the body keeps the door of trauma, and how, like the Earth-sun relationship in solstices, our bright and shadowed Selves move in a similar elegant yet complex relationship. The body is the key to our awareness of Self as Survivor. It is the door to our soul, and trauma is what guards that door.
Find the transcript of this episode at Soul Intent Arts. Learn more in her book, Runic Book of Days.  Study the runes, animism, and soul tending with Kelley, and get info about longterm mentoring and training at soulintentarts.com. Support the podcast by joining her community on Patreon.


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